3v3 Rules of Play

  • CC Pic 2Kick Off:
       Players start in the middle of the field, stand back to back with ball in between them and wait for the whistle.
  • No Keepers:
       Players can stand in the goal but they may not use their hands.
  • No Kick Ball:
       Must score in your offensive half.
  • Goals:
       After a goal is scored, restart game with a goal kick.
  • Restarts:
        All restarts begin with a kick in (no dribbling in)
        Players cannot score directly from a kick in.
        All free kicks are INDIRECT.
        Players have 5 seconds to put the ball into play.
  • Substitutions:
        No substitutions during the 3 minute games (subs only allowed for injured players)
  • No slide tackling
  • No offsides
  • Kicking ball into blue A/C duct or ceiling:
        Results in an indirect free kick from the point of contact.