Rules of Play

1Proof of age:

  • All players are required to provide proof of age via a player pass or birth certificate.

Roster Size:

  • Maximum of 12 players

Waiver form:

  • All players must have their parent/guardian sign the team roster form (liability form)


  • All teams must check in 30 minutes prior to the first game of the age group.
  • No late check ins.
  • Bring Team Roster and Player Waiver to check in.

Number of players on field:

  • 2010 & 2011/12 boys and girls games are 5v5 (6 with keeper) SMALL FIELD
  • 2009 & 2008 boys and girls games are 7v7 (8 with keeper) played on LARGE FIELD
  • 2007, 2006 & 2005 boys and girls games are 6v6 (7 with keeper) played on LARGE FIELD

Forfeited games:

Although we try, there is no guarantee that teams with scheduling conflicts can have games moved. In the event of a forfeit, teams are still allowed to use the field during the time of their regular scheduled game. Teams must have minimum 3 players before start of game on the small field, while there must be a minimum of 4 players before start of game on the large field.


  • Kicking ball into blue A/C duct or ceiling: results in a free kick from the point of contact.
  • No goal kicks: Keepers are only allowed to THROW the ball. No drop kicks are allowed. Ball may not cross all 3 lines in the air (3 line violation).
  • Restarts: Players have 5 seconds to put ball in play.
  • No slide tackling
  • No offsides
  • Free kicks:
         Small Field:   INDIRECT
         Big Field:       DIRECT
  • Uniforms/equipment: Players must have matching jerseys, shorts and socks. Keepers must wear a color that distinguishes themselves from field players. Shin guards are REQUIRED by all players. If two teams have the same color, it is the responsibility of the HOME TEAM to change.
  • Player substitutions: Players must be in close proximity of the team bench (within 5 feet of door) before their substitute(s) are allowed to enter the field of play. Free substitution.
  • Games are 18 minute haves and 2 minute half time with 5 minute intervals in between games.
  • Games start at designated time whether teams are on the field prepared to play or not.

Tournament point system:

  • 6 points for a win
  • 4 points for a tie
  • 1 point per goal, up to 3 goals
  • 1 point for a shut out
  • 1 point loss for a red card

Tie Breakers are as follows:

  • Most points
  • Head to Head result
  • Most Goals Scored
  • Fewest Goals Against
  • Coin toss